Data viz inspiration – How Different Groups Spend Their Day

Screen shot 2009-09-10 at 1.51.40 AM

This is an interactive data visualization on New York Times – visualizing the time consumption of people in groups. First of all, the stacked shapes of graph and simple buttons attracted me to easily get involved – visual attraction for interaction which I think very important. Second, the basic interactive actions – the transition between groups – work smoothly which made me stay longer. Especially, delicate and interesting detail information tracking the mouse cursor makes more exploration of this graph. It is good way to reveal the detail and specific data by mouse-over than mouse-click, layering the information with user interaction. In terms of visualization, and Data-Ink, I think this follows fundamental principles well, the grid on the background is dim enough to not disturbing my eyes from concentrating on main data elements. It is an intriguing interactive data visualization work, not that complicated, simple interactions with interesting stories.

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